Today we  take the first step toward launching Build Works DAO, an organization dedicated to celebrating building and empowering builders.

What is a builder?

What does it mean to build?

Building means putting out a project that people want to use.

Building doesn’t always mean doing it for free, but it does mean everyone wins.

Being a builder means not worrying about floor prices or timing the market.

Builders are often developers, but the most effective builders are storytellers first.

Finally, building is the best way to meet people and become close through the bond created by shared struggle toward a common goal.

Go fast alone, far together

What does it mean to empower builders?

It means bringing builders together and helping them work as a team.

Build Works will function as a hub for builder collaboration, having a view of what needs to be built and who would be the right team.

It is not possible to do anything significant alone, and Build Works will deliver collaborators and teams at scale.

In part this means bringing similarly-skilled builders together—for example front-end and back-end developers.

However, the most transformative element of Build Works will be in uniting builders from different disciplines—devs with writers, writers with social connectors, connectors with artists, etc.

The talent we have seen in different communities is incredible. We need to come together and point in the same direction.

Sustainable Revenue and Public Goods

Often builders deliver technology for one community that can and should be repurposed for other communities at much lower cost than initial development. Too often this does not happen due to lack of funding.

An open source model works in certain cases, but in others, when the technology is closer to a protocol than a product, requiring on-going maintenance of servers, oracles, etc open source is not enough.

The CryptoPhunk Auction House Flywheel is one such example.

Build Works will offer a solution by assembling the talent necessary to operate such protocols and use protocol revenue to fund DAO operation and the development of public goods.

We believe it is crucial for Build Works to have revenue models that go beyond the sale of its governance token.

Governance Model

We are finalizing v1 of our DAO protocol. As we gain more headway, we'll continue to increase visibility; throttling initial rapid growth in exchange for strong, steady formation.

We will soon be launching Builder, a governance token that will be available for anyone to purchase.

Builder is a way to vote and a currency for proposing initiatives, but more than this it's also an activation of the movement

Here is our approach to governance decisions:

This model relies on a novel hybrid approach: zero-gas off-chain proposal creation and voting paired with high-security and accountability on-chain validation of proposal eligibility and autonomous proposal execution.

As we fine-tune this approach, we hope to add value to the ecosystem by bringing it to other DAOs.

Getting involved

Membership will initially be curated as we learn the recipe for scaling. Our initial group will be a mix of developers, designers, writers, content creators, and any key contributing discipline

Will there be a public roadmap for what’s coming next?

Initially, no. Founding members will focus on setting broad guidance for sustainable governance. Through collaboration – DAO members will define the overall direction forward.