Feeling unheard, powerless or displaced in a community you've vested in is a common and difficult - Max Cope as they say.

After holding forums and having countless discussions a general consensus surfaced; that majority members of DAOs share a common feeling of being powerless.

The sentiment is often that membership lacks equality. Developers have obvious propositions and other groups across the community lack a model. How do you pair value propositions with key disciplines and subject-matter experts. Example:

A skilled writer may say, "I propose to write a book" and the community rejects the prop.  

Activating producers to align writers with research and technical documentation would help these skillsets realize funding in the organization.

Go fast alone, far together

Long term collaborators have been assembling as two, then few and now are realizing we should unite as many.

We've been working towards the same goal just in different ways -- We should collaborate...

The talent pools is incredible. You have people who've solved a variety of problems, fostered communities,  shipped products and created tremendous value for others who, if they collaborate could contribute to steering these convictions into a sustainable DAO model.

Beyond Voting

DAOs must go beyond governance models to achieve autonomous sustainability.

  • Protocol Revenue & Funding
    Daily auctions, business development, partnerships and Bootstrap Bonds
  • Funding public goods
    Development of research, products and community efforts
  • Evolving protocols
    Create, maintaining and operating protocols

Decentralization is a journey

We've been slowing organizing, contributing to build the alpha model of the DAO protocol. As we gain more headway, we'll continue to increase visibility; throttling initial rapid growth in exchange for strong, steady formation.

Many think of decentralization as this binary concept rather than understanding the spectrum it exists on. DAOs biggest gap is consolidation. DAO's tend to focus inward which alienates other communities ultimately reducing incentive resources.

For the decentralized autonomous organization to realize its true potential it needs to lean outward.

  • Teaching people how to DAO through DAO-to-DAO models; thus creating a product driven, shared value ecosystem
  • Products produce revenue, which leads to larger funding pools
  • Funding pools attract talent & ideas, allowing great ideas to surface
  • Great ideas lead to great value & more protocol revenue
  • With more skilled collaborators in tow, unlock value in larger ecosystems
  • Proven products and ecosystem contributions stimulate capitalization in nouns-like inspired daily mint forever model


  • Curation early on will seed a balance for which to scale. This seeded group ideally would be a mix of developers, designers, writers, content creators and any key contributing discipline
  • Governance token (Builder) is more than a way to vote, propose initiatives and token gate governance eligibility; it's also an activation of the movement
  • The nouns-like auction model needs to live on a curve to eventually reduce emissions
  • Introduce a deflationary mechanism to offset ratios and prevent sybil attacks
  • Innovate around off-chain voting with on-chain consensus settlement; making a trustless system

As with any new protocol with high ambitions of decentralization kicks off, the community must take on more responsibility. Over time the vision of the earliest contributors evolves to that of the wider community.

Build Works DAO slow start model leans in to an approach to governance which shields from misaligned values, poor proposals and attempts to exploit. To fully leverage the value, skills, talent & knowledge across the DAO community and align the protocol for long-term success Build Works has established a formal approach to governance decisions:

Flow of governance from idea to settlement

Near term our goal is to decentralize as many governance functions as possible, to minimize any dictatorial power exerted by the DAO contributors or Guardians and ensure that proposals and vote contributions are meaningful.

As we cover more ground and go public with more early collaborates we'll be sharing here!

Will there be a public roadmap for what’s coming next?

Initially, no. Founding members will focus on setting broad guidance for sustainable governance. Through collaboration DAO members will define the overall direction forward.