Participation Proofs through POAP

Game mechanics are powerful drivers for adoption. In closed ecosystems its streamlined to track and reward positive behaviors. Decentralized systems make this a challenge, especially when the activities take place outside of the ecosystem.

Twitter Spaces continue to be a powerful medium to activate community. Rewarding active attendance and participation can drive loyalty and more meaningful interactions across communities.

Think foursquare checkins' for Twitter Spaces

Participation Proofs

Cryptographic proofs are much like a public notary system. Proofs provide a trust backed by complex math validating the authenticity of activity such as transactions, votes, identity, ownerships and data.

When we vote on Snapshot, we're using compute proofs to cast our votes. When we sign messages to activate services using our web3 accounts, we're providing compute proofs showing are engagement with that service.

Proofs allow us to remain true to the ethos of crypto — unconditionally permissionless.


As they say in systems of trust: 1 corrupts, 2 divides and 3 creates balance — harnessing a multi proof provider process allows participating network nodes to deliver activity proofs of Twitter Spaces activity to a coordinator.

Activity from Twitter Spaces API includes who attended, who was on stage, interactions and more. Coordination scripts could validate, set expiration and sign permissions allowing those in attendance to claim POAPs.

Using POAP

The game mechanics of earning "checkin" badges administered via POAPs brings Twitter activity into contract compatible use cases.